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To prepare our students for a globalised world, where many of them will have to work, study and live, we aim at providing them with relevant tools and competences in a growing number of fields – in individual subjects, study lines, and particularly in our international f-classes.

We do it within and outside the curriculum, e.g. in the form of study circles and trips, conferences, competitions.

It is essential to equip students and all young people with the necessary tools to meet foreign cultures, habits and norms – in and outside of DK – as well as challenge and discuss the mentality which is found in a small country.

Please read about our activities by clicking the menu to the left. Also study EU educational programs at linked to Uddannelsesministeriet. Here you can find useful information about EU programs, e.g. Youth in Action and Studying Abroad etc. These pages are in Danish and English.

International work at SAG is coordinated by an International Committee, whose members are: Sine Wrang Thomsen (, Charlotte Ib (, Gitte Tilling (, Rune Johnsen ( and Nina Nørgaard (, Internat. coordinator.


Please contact us for further information.





GYMNASIET: Orienteringsaften den 15. januar

Kom til Orienteringsaften på Sankt Annæ Gymnasium.

UDBUD: Studieretninger 2015

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MGP 2014

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Samarbejdet med Københavns Åbne Gymnasium blomstrer

2.d fra Sankt Annæ Gymnasium besøgte 2.b på Københavns Åbne Gymnasium.

Elever kæmper for klimaet

Mens klimaforskerne maler nye skræmmende scenarier for planeten, tager elever fra både Sankt Annæ Gymnasium og Københavns Åbne Gymnasium fat på omstillingen der, hvor de står.


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